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Songs of Distant Earth

14 January
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There seems to be so much to say, or maybe so little - its difficult to tell. I guess I should start with some facts, so, in no particular order:

I am 30 years old. I have always "thought about stuff", which led to me to take apart personal stereos when I was young, study Physics at University, get a job in IT and develop an interest in Philosophy and Social Sciences on the side.

I absolutely adore music. In terms of tastes, I tend to enjoy electronica, post rock and some indie, but I like anything that has "something" to it. Two things I love about music: 1) going into a record store and buying an album on a complete hunch, vague memory, cool cover, or whatever else and 2) letting somebody hear a particularly beautiful piece of music that they have never heard before. I am also currently trying to make my laptop make noises.

Philosophically speaking, I would not seat myself in any particular school of thought. In that sense you might describe me as a "postmodernist". Grand narratives tend to make me uneasy, but mainly when they are overly prescriptive. I don't know what "truth" is. I don't know what "right" and "wrong" are. I am very concerned about identity, gender and sexuality; the relationship between the individual and society, its history and institutions; the mind and the self, psychology, psychiatry and such; and, the signs that mediate all of these relationships. My favourite authors include Barthes, Baudrillard, Camus, Deleuze (and Guattari), Foucault and Virillio. There are probably others that I have forgotten.

I was brought up as a Catholic and, while I have firmly rejected Catholicism, I remain technically agnostic. I was interested in Taoism for a while but I don't really talk about it any more. Its still a part of me, though.

What else?
I used to be engaged but now I'm single.
I used to be bisexual but now I'm not so sure.
I am well payed, yet I am up to my eyeballs in debt.
I try to live authentically, yet I always fail.
I can't stand bigotry and intolerance, yet I sometimes participate in both.
I drink and smoke way too much.
I see beauty everywhere.

All of these things are connected, no doubt ...

Oh yeah, and I always try to smile and say thankyou: both cost nothing.